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Carpenter Ants

             Carpenter Ants/Acrobat Ants

Carpenter ants are listed in the category of Wood Destroying Insects. Their activity is much like Termites in the fact that they can weaken the structure of your home. Where Termites actually eat your wood, Carpenter Ants burrow in the wood to nest and have their babies. They actually dig through the soft wood usually around windows throwing out the wood dust and even their dead in the wall.

Things you might see that will tell if you are having activity in the home could be dust on the window seal or dead ants lying around. If you clean this up and you get the same thing happening again you are having activity at the home.

Another way of telling is if you see Red & Black ants crawling around the outside of your home you can be pretty sure that they are working somewhere. What you have working at your house is what we call a satellite colony which is an extension of the main colony lying in one of your trees in the yard or could be a neighbors yard.

The best defense is to caulk all windows and caulk where your brick meets your eave. These areas provide excellent entry points for the ants. There can be many colonies around your home and ridding you of these ants can take some time to accomplish. The best way to treat these ants I have found is on the quarterly annual treatment plan. Because of the nature of these ants and the fact they have seperate colonies in different trees they become long term problems.

I will take all precautions to treat in a safe manner for you your pets and of course me as well. I take pride in my work and reaching the goal will take your help in monitoring the ants and communicating back to me what you see. These ants move late afternoon to all evening so your help is very necessary. I look forward to helping you rid these damaging ants from your home.

Michael Nutt

Southern Quality Organic Pest Control