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Company Information

Company Information

Customer Sevice

I started my business back in the spring of 1988. Remember buying my first set of equipment and how excited I was to have my own business and start doing things the way I felt customer service should be performed. My business soon grew to have several trucks and I was on my way to experiencing my dream come true.

I am a big believer in customer service and have found that quality service and a timely response to a problem, is very important to sustaining a good customer relationship. When your home is inspected, and a problem is found, not only will that problem be treated, you will receive a follow up contact to insure we stay on top of the problem. Follow up and communication between the customer and my company is key to resolving your problem and giving you satisfaction with results you will see.

I am a very honest man who tries to always do the right thing in dealing with you, the customer. I will always treat you well on each occasion. My company runs off of these same values and has grown over the years because of the customer courtesy & consideration provided as our standard.

Join the many others that have enjoyed the success of Organic Pest Control treatments to their homes, as well as the customer service I have provided them through the years. I look forward to serving you in the future and want to personally thank you for your interest in my services.

Michael Nutt, Owner