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Leaves and Mulch

Leaves & Mulch Our Enemy!

Yes I said our enemy. I guess the big question is do you like ants, waterbugs and many more bugs in your home? Leaves and mulch are big time breeders of most of our issues we have at our home today. Leaves and mulch keeps moisture longer and in turn become prime places for the breeding of all types of bugs. Even your ground cover provides the same enviroment for the bugs to live and populate in. What you breed next to your house will come into your house.

All bugs need water and food for survival. When we trap water by leaving leaves on the ground and in our beds as well as the mulch we add to our beds not to mention the ground cover we see at a lot of homes we are breeding our problems. Also your ground cover is a great place for Rats to live and reproduce in. My policy is if you need more water then you should give it more water. NEVER trap water because of the problems that exist from doing that.

My suggestion here is to use rock or rubber mulch in your beds for that special look and never trap water near your home. You will even experience an increase in Mosquito activity if you choose to have breeding zones around your home. It's entirely up to you how you treat your enviroment and landscaping. It's my job to give you proper information and educate you on the do's and don'ts when it comes to bug control. My job is to control your problems and keep them to a minimum.

The cost for this work is sometimes more because of the enviroment you give me to work with. When you require more trips between services than normal your cost factors could rise for me to treat your home properly. Pest control is a joint effort between the customer and the pest control company. Together we succeed!