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Mosquito Control Plan

"Using the IN2Care Mosquito Traps/Stations"

A Very Green Solution

At some point most of us have felt the nasty bite and then comes the itching! The female Mosquito is busy spreading their larvae to as many locations as possible. They have many breeding zones around your home and your neighbor’s home. Depending on your terrain you could be breeding a large population of them. Good news there is a new Green treatment process that has caught my eye. It comes with a good reputation of working. Bill Gates is a major investor in this process. He is really putting a global effort to remove the Zika virus and other Mosquito transferred diseases.

We provide a breeding zone for the females to visit and when they do they get into my product which contaminates the female as well as the breeding zone they are in. After contamination in my zone they fly to another area to leave more larvae but they also contaminate that breeding zone which entails her larvae will not survive. What ends up happening is a reduction of biting mosquitoes around your home. Each station covers approximately 4300 square foot.

This best treatment is a year round treatment where I come out every month to refresh the stations with new product to ensure continual protection. Treatment can be paid quarterly or monthly. At the very least treatment period should be Mar-Nov.

I recommend treating year round. It will insure better control. There is no contract so if you find it is not meeting your needs we pick up the stations and stop the treatment! If you are like me and want to enjoy your outdoors without being bit you should give this service a try! Let me know so we can get a jump on the season. If we start up during season it will take a little bit to start the control process as we have to start battling the larvae ready to hatch. Once the contamination starts to spread by the female mosquito you should see a big difference in activity!

Start Today for better enjoyment of your yard in the future! 972-336-0148 Call or Text

Southern Quality Organic Pest Control

$45.00 + tax 1 time setup fee

$45.00 per month $135.00 quarterly up to 2 stations

$60.00 per month $180.00 quarterly 3 to 4 stations

$75.00 per month $225.00 quarterly 5 to 6 stations