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License To Kill


What to do about those spiders? That’s a question I get on a regular basis. There’s good news and bad news! Let me tell you the good news first. Spiders are a beneficial insect. Meaning they are good to have around. They will take care of a lot of your bugs very naturally by having them for dinner! Well, here’s the bad news: They do not eat bait, they eat BUGS. What this means to you, outside of spraying the spider there is no other way to really control them. You must contact kill them either with a spray or the bottom of your shoe. I prefer the spray. My suggestion is to knock down any webbing you see and make sure they don’t feel like they are at home . Then pick up that phone and make the call to me today and be spider free tomorrow. 972-336-0148

There is however some things you can do to prevent spider infestation. Pay special attention to cludder and dark spaces. Always wear gloves when bringing wood in for the fireplace. Do not buy more wood than you can burn in a season. These are great hiding areas for them to live and breed in. If you live in a wooded area you may see the Brown Recluse spider. I would recommend in this case to make sure your landscape is thin and not too bushy. Also be very careful of wood piles and cludder in yard. ALWAYS CHECK SHOES BEFORE YOU PUT THEM ON! Never know what is waiting for you! Turning over furniture and inspecting it is also a good prevenative. If you see little cotton balls attatched to the underneath side you are soon to have a bunch of spiders if you do not remove them as soon as possible. If you live by a lake or water you will get spiders daily on the outside. I recommend spraying the eves with your water hose daily during the height of their season. There is only two spiders in our area that can cause pain to you upon bite. Thats the Brown Recluse and the Black Widow. All spider bites produce a little pain but those two cause the most severe pain. Once again NO cludder and wood piles in areas that have these spiders is the best solution in defenseing them. Always keep perimiter next to house as thin as possible and mulch free! Also growing the ivy on the ground is a hot breeding zone for all types of bugs including our spiders. Next to the house brings the insects right into our living room and bedrooms! Part of my service is killing the bugs but another duty I have is to educate you about conditions and solutions that will help in decreasing the activity you are experiencing. A call to me goes along way to beginning solving your spider issues. THE BUG STOPS HERE!!